Dry Out Before You Tear Out!

Our expertise is drying in-place.

Drying in-place is a combination of methods that allow us to dry-out homes and business afflicted with moisture/water damage without unnecessarily tearing-out parts of the building. This is a relatively new concept to the field, requiring extensive knowledge of construction materials and how they hold and release moisture in the air and the ways in which they interact with surrounding materials. New technology is constantly being developed to dry materials faster and safer than previously thought possible.

What are the benefits of in-place drying?

Save time and money

The use of specialty equipment and knowledge makes the initial drying process slightly more expensive on its own, but our overall costs average 50-75% less than companies that focus on unnecessary tear-out.

As opposed to having completely tear-out and reconstruct portions of your business or home, we can dry it in-place. This can mean significant savings on materials and labor costs, and only taking a matter of days as opposed to potentially weeks or months for reconstruction. As a result your business will have a lot less down-time, or your family less time out of your home; which means even more savings on lost revenue, it nearly eliminates business interruption insurance expense, and minimizes additional living expenses.

The Neumann Guarantee

Some companies that are inexperienced or uneducated may attempt to dry in-place and fail, then tear out what they attempted to save, then rebuild and remodel, and charge you for all of it. When your home or business is damaged by water or moisture, there is a silent, and creeping danger that can present itself months after you think you’re done: mold. Mold is not only a health hazard, it can also cause significant structural damage to your home or business that you just spent all that time and money repairing.

Drying in-place prevents mold growth by eliminating the growth factors for mold. Neumann guarantees that the drying process used will be completed properly to remove moisture content to the level in which mold can not grow.

At Neumann, we guarantee that if we can’t dry it, then we won’t charge you for it.

If you have any kind of water damage, Neumann Construction & Roofing, LLC has you covered!

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