Water Damage Restoration Service For Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg & Neighboring Cities

 Water Damage Restoration ServiceIf you have suffered water damage in Florida, you may be told that all affected building material needs to be immediately removed. These so called “tear-outs” are commonplace but may not always be necessary. When you hire Neumann Construction for your water damage restoration service, we use a combination of methods that allow us to dry-out homes and businesses that have sustained water damage without unnecessarily tearing-out parts of the structure. This drying-in-place method is relatively new and requires extensive knowledge of construction materials. It takes experience in understanding how each material holds and releases moisture in the air and the ways in which they interact with their surrounding materials.

There are significant benefits to properly drying-in-place vs tearing out. The biggest of these are time and money. While use of specialized knowledge and equipment may initially be a bit more expensive, drying-in-place can actually save 50-75% off the costs that could be associated with unnecessary tear-outs. Expertly drying-in-place may only take days instead of weeks or longer for reconstruction. At Neumann Construction, we are a water damage restoration service that is always looking at new technology that is being developed to dry materials faster and safer. Our storm damage restoration services are unmatched.

Water damage restoration service is far from the only thing we do at Neumann Construction. We also offer:

  • Construction services
  • Foundation services
  • Storm damage restoration
  • ..and more!

Keep in mind that our drying in-place method prevents mold growth by eliminating the growth factors for mold. We guarantee the drying process used will be completed properly to remove moisture content and prevent mold growth. If we can’t dry it, we won’t charge you for it! If you have any kind of water damage and need a water damage restoration service, Neumann Construction has you covered.

If you need storm damage restoration, water damage restoration service or any type of construction service in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and surrounding regions, contact Neumann Construction. We offer free estimates and have 24/7 emergency service.